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Kobayashi Traditional Roof-Tile Company
Kobayashi Traditional Roof-Tile Company
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This company is located in Funatsu, Himeji, and manufactures roof-tiles for castles, temples and shrines. They produce tiles for many local cultural heritages sites such as Himeji Castle, Engyoji Temple on Mt. Shosha and Hiromine Shrine. We can find their skilled works at a pagoda in London and a monument in Phoenix, Arizona. Their big decorative tiles shaped like a dolphin at Himeji Castle are famous, and you can see the historical dolphin-shaped tiles from the Edo era at their factory. They make long-lasting tiles which survive for hundreds of years.

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Tsutaya (Okonomiyaki Restaurant)
Tsutaya Okonomiyaki Restaurant
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Okonomiyaki is a food somewhat like pizza. You can order meat, sea food or noodles on top and you eat it with a special source. You will enjoy watching how the lady at the counter cooks them in front of you. She has been running this restaurant business for nearly 50 years, and this place is always busy with local people.

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sansen-ya, co.
1-15-29 Yashiro-Honcho, Himeji 670-0874 Japan
phone: 079-285-1327 - fax: 079-285-1328
email: tuchiyama@sansenya.com
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