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Oko Manju

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Oko Manju
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This manju (red-bean cake) is known as a special product from Kuma-Kogen Town of Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku. About 160 years ago Ms. Ko Tsubotani (called Oko-san which means Ms. Oko) started to make this manju at home and sold it locally as 'Oko Manju'. She had married once, but after 5 years of marriage she returned home because she did not have a child. Then she started to make each manju carefully which she regarded as her own child. She wanted to convey her warm heart to her customers through her manju. Since then Tubotani Shoeido Co. has make only one product, 'Oko Manju', and the present store manager, the 6th generation from Ko Tsubotani, still maintains the same taste and the warmth of the founder. Grandchildren and great grandchildren of 'Oko-san' support this business and continue to deliver her message. Please enjoy the simple and sweet taste from Shikoku Island.

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