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-> Sansen-ya will offer you a planned tour to suit your interests and needs.  We will also provide you with valuable advice on what to see and do during the your visit to Himeji and the Harima area.

Himeji Castle Tour

Himeji is known for its beautiful castle.  You cannot talk about Himeji without visiting the castle.  Also the castle will provide you with many aspects of Japanese tradition.

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Himeji Castle
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Mt Shosha Area
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Mt. Shosha
Engyoji Temple Tour

If you want to spend a half-day relaxing and be spiritually inspired, we recommend the Mt. Shosha Tour.  The buildings and their surroundings are inviting.

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Mt. Hiromine
Mt. Masui Hiking Tour

If you feel like hiking, we recommend the Mt. Hiromine-Mt. Masui Hiking Tour. You will see historical and religious sites and you can fully enjoy nature.

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Hiromine Shrine Entrance
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