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... Experience the wonders of Japan with sansen-ya ...
->  Why visit Himeji?  
  • See and feel 400 years of sustained history at Himeji Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Engyoji Temple on Mt. Shosha, a filming location for the movie Last Samurai, with 1000 years of history, attracts many visitors as a holy place.
  • Himeji and the Harima area, surrounded by mountains and the sea, are full of hidden history. Here visitors can relax and enjoy many great aspects of Japan.
->  You can hear the following stories here in Himeji:  
  • There was a lord at Himeji Castle who spent one-hundred million yen for his wedding reception... more.
  • There was a young couple whose love story was tragic and is called the Japanese “Romeo & Juliet”... more.
  • There was a nun who became a poet at the age of 6, and recorded the text from 529 zen lectures... more.
->  How can sansen-ya be of service?  
  • Plan and arrange custom tours of Himeji and the Harima area according to visitors’ requests.
  • Provide well-planned and interesting scheduled tours seasonally.
  • Assist visitors with enjoying their visit to Himeji and the Harima area.

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