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Mt Shosha
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Mt. Shosha
Engyoji Temple

(Approximately 4 hours)

->JR Himeji Station

You will hear a brief introduction of Engyoji Temple and the related people on the way.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of Himeji City during the 4 minutes ride on the ropeway.

->Kannon Statues
A large Kannon statue welcomes you at the beginning of the pilgrimage pathway.  This is a copy of the most important statue at Engyoji Temple.  Then you will be greeted by 33 other Kannon statues which are worshiped at each pilgrimage site in Western Japan.

->Niomon Gate
You will enter the sacred area of the temple at this main gate.  A pair of statue represents the invisible energy of the cosmos.

->Maniden (Mercy Hall)
This main building is situated halfway up the rocky cliff, and it is built without using a single nail.  You will hear the reason why it is built on this difficult location.  This nearly 1000 year old building was burnt down in 1921, and the present building was reconstructed in 1932 and became the newest stucture of the temple.

->Mitsunodo (Three Halls)
On the way to Mitsunodo you will walk through ancient cider and cypress trees.  Some of these are over 650 years old.  Then, you will face three halls which were built in 15th century.  The area might reminds you of the movie “Last Samurai” and the NHK drama series “Musashi”.

->Okunoin (Inner Sanctuary)
Shoku, a holy Buddhist priest and a founder of Engyoji Temple, and two deities who guided and guarded Shoku are worshiped here. You will find carved Sumo wrestlers that are interesting, and you will hear a story of Benkei who was a strong samurai and who also studied here.

->Art and Craft Museum
You can observe or participate in making traditional Himeji crafts such as Himeji Hariko, Himeji goma and Himeyama dolls.

->JR Himeji Station
On the way back, you will know other interesting spots and related stories in Himeji.

->QuickTime Interactive Movie Links:
Engyo-ji Temple on Mt. Shosha (Yasuhiro Fujimoto)
Engyo-ji Temple on Mt. Shosha (STUDIO LOOPS)

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