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Mt. Masui
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Mt. Hiromine
Mt. Masui
Hiking Tour

(Approximately 3-4 hours)

->JR Himeji Station

You will hear a brief introduction of Mt. Hiromine and Mt. Masui on the way.

->Otorii (Main Entrance) of Hiromine Shrine
You will see a panoramic view of Himeji on the way up. You will start hiking here and take a traditional walking route [ 1 ] [ 2 ].

->Hiromine Shrine
This shrine has a history of more than 2000 years. Susanowo-no-mikoto, one of very first gods in Japan, and his son Isotakeru-no-mikoto are the chief gods worshiped here. You can pray to the god of agriculture, the god of direction and the god of the nation’s growth. Susanowo-no-mikoto has been worshiped as the god to protect us from misfortune and disease. Emperor Seiwa ordered the building of a sub-shine of Hiromine in 867 to stop disease prevailing in Kyoto. It is now the Yasaka Shine where the famous Gion festival is held in summer. The present main hall of Hiromine Shrine was built in the Muromachi era (15th century) and the worshiping hall was rebuilt in the Edo period, and both halls are selected as National Important Cultural Properties. This shrine was also one of centers of the yin-yang school in Japan. Based on your birth-year in the yin-yang teaching, you can make a wish at the back of the shrine.

->Along the path
We will walk at your pace, and you will enjoy nature.

->Zuiganji Temple on Mt. Masui
After 45 minutes walk, you will reach Zuiganji Temple. A Korean Buddhist priest, Eben, founded this temple in the 7th century, by the order of Prince Shotoku-Taishi. This temple has been supported by many royal family members, aristocrats and samurais. In the Heian period, there were 36 halls in the temple grounds at its peak, but many of them were ordered to be torn down after the Meiji Restoration. However, Zuigannji Temple is one of main temples in Himeji and its Demon Expulsion Ceremony in February is well-known.

->On the ridge of Mt. Masui
We will visit two graves of Himeji Castle lords and their wives. If you read all Kanji characters at the grave, the turtle who protects the grave may move. After seeing ruins of a big tomb (6th century?), we will hike down to the city.

->JR Himeji Station
On the way back, you will see other interesting spots and hear related stories in Himeji.


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